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Marti Pellow live singing

Marti Pellow is one of Britain’s true great pop icons, having achieved the highest accolades and success with one of the most successful bands in UK pop history, he is now achieving that rare position of a highly successful career as both a solo artist and as one of the world’s leading musical theatre stars.

This is a career that has so far seen a record for the longest Number One in UK chart history, one of the four biggest selling songs in the UK of all time, consistent chart topping multi-platinum album sales, the largest free concert in the British Isles, the achievement of every major award in the British music industry, the honour of having the White House proclaim a day be named after him, the breaking of box office records, the starring in huge hit musical theatre productions in London’s West End and on Broadway in New York, the playing to hundreds of thousands on international Arena tours, the selling out of intimate jazz clubs, this is a career of monumental achievement and at the heart of all this is the uncompromising dedication and passion of the singer songwriter Marti Pellow.


2001 - Present

"When you write a song the significance and meaning are not always obvious. I think the beauty of a great song is that as you progress in your life and the decades unfold the story begins to show itself and the song takes on new meanings in your life."

Marti, 2015

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