Devil and the Monkey


Devil and the Monkey cover

Track List

  1. The Devil And The Monkey
  2. The King of Yesterday
  3. The Grass Has Never Been Greener
  4. Make It Stick
  5. Winter Across Her Brow
  6. Never Give Up On You
  7. My Life
  8. Here Today, Here Tomorrow
  9. Saturday Night, Sunday Morning
  10. I Surrender


The Team


Marti Pellow, Matt Deighton, Chris Sheehan
Except Devil And The Monkey and My Life:
Marti Pellow and Graeme Clark
And Here Today, Here Tomorrow:
Marti Pellow and Chris Sheehan


Grant Mitchell: Piano, Keyboards, Bass, Drums & Programming
Matt Deighton: Acoustic & Electric Guitar
Chris Sheehan: Acoustic Guitar
Mike Rowe: Keyboards
Beverley Skeete: Backing Vocals
Andy Caine: Backing Vocals
Except Devil And The Monkey and My Life:
Graeme Clark: Acoustic & Electric Guitar, and Bass Guitar
Grant Mitchell: Keyboards, Drums and Programming


Grant Mitchell: Producer & Arranger
Graeme Clark: Track 1 & 7 pre-production programming
Chris Sheehan: Pre-production engineering
Graham Dickson: Mix
Tim Young: Mastering

Original Recordings at 50:50 Studios, London and Basement Studio, Surrey.
Recorded and Mixed at G2 Music, Ealing Studios.
Mastered at Metropolis Mastering

“I dedicate this album to Willie Mitchell”

D&M Records (p) 2010 Marti Pellow © 2010 Marti Pellow
Publishing copyright control. Coyright in this sound recording is owned by Marti Pellow. All rights reserved.

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